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Hello and welcome to the Foundation for Fiduciary Education. I’m excited to have you here! As an IRS approved, 501(c)(3) NonProfit Organization, our mission is to educate and empower families through comprehensive fiduciary financial education. We are pleased to provide you with financial education and resources you can trust . Taught exclusively by Certified Financial Fiduciaries®. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to helping you in any way I can.


Nora L. Hartquist, CEP® has been a financial and Estate Planning educator in Virginia , Maryland and Louisiana since 1984.  Her informative retirement workshops have been requested and attended by retirees of Fairfax County Public Schools, Orleans Parish Public Schools, Waste Management, Inc., the Federal Government, and the armed services including both the United States Marine Corps and the U. S. Army.  Ms. Hartquist has lectured on financial topics at the University of Mary Washington, Southern University in New Orleans, and George Mason University in Virginia. Expertise: Ms. Hartquist creates Life Income-Living Asset Cycle (LI-LAC) plans to replace or supplement income, while reducing exposure to market losses.  This plan is customized according to each individual’s need and risk tolerance, planning for tax efficient income and inflation.  In addition, Ms. Hartquist provides a comprehensive, yet simple to understand, Family Contingency Plan (a retirement “road map”) for each unique situation, pre-planning for incapacitation, loss or reduction of Pension and/or Social Security Income due to  loss of a spouse, etc.  As a Master Elite IRA Advisor Ms. Hartquist provides a Comprehensive IRA Plan to maximize your IRA, minimize taxes and pass it efficiently to your heirs.  Finally, a Comprehensive Estate Plan will help pass your estate quickly and tax efficiently to your heirs.  If you attend one workshop this year looking for ways to protect your capital, don’t miss Nora Hartquist’s workshop! Certifications: ChFEBC:  A Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultant since 2010, Ms. Hartquist conducts retirement workshops for the Federal Government and creates customized retirement plans for current and retired Federal Employees, assisting with completion of Retirement Packages, as well as planning for the incorporation and tax efficient use of the TSP during retirement. AFEA:  Chapter President, Stafford, VA, of the American Financial Education Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on Financial Literacy through complimentary classes held at Universities, Libraries and businesses.   Ms. Hartquist's currently available classes can be found by joining a free membership at myafea.org,  and specifying Chapter 983. CFF:  As a Certified Financial Fiduciary, and a charter member the National Association of Certified Financial Fiduciaries, Ms. Hartquist adheres to the CFF Code of Conduct and the strict guidelines of the NACFF, and is required to give you advice that is in your best interest, not her own, practicing the Duties of Loyalty, Good Faith, Good Care for her clients, educating them first, using a Holistic Approach, with full disclosure, comparisons of suggested products, full confidentiality and adhering to strict professional practice management. CEPP:  Certified Estate Planning Professional:  Ms. Hartquist is extremely knowledgeable concerning planning and efficient distribution of assets to heirs.  She is 1 of 9 planners nationwide chosen to serve on The Estate Plan Source Advisory Council, and recipient of the Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Service in Estate Planning. CLTC: Certified in Long Term Care:  Ms. Hartquist is uniquely qualified to advise clients on Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term Care coverage, and other alternative planning strategies for incapacitation. Master Elite IRA Advisor:  Ed Slott’s Advisor Group receives intense, advanced ongoing education in IRA Distribution, taking exams semi-annually to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date with current laws, participating in email alerts and teleconferences on the latest changes to IRA tax laws. NEA: National Ethics Association:  By joining the National Ethics Association (NEA) Ms. Hartquist has placed herself in a position of scrutiny.  She encourages due diligence of consumers, rather than hiding from it.  To view her National Ethics Association Member’s Profile visit www.ethics.net.

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